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Aloha Gardens

As the name indicates it, Aloha Gardens offer paradisiac views of overwhelming gardens combined with 2 and 3 buildings that show a delightful Andalusian village style. This gated community is divided in nine blocks of two and three-bedroom ‘apartments, with a huge main pool girded by a stylish Mediterranean terrace.

There are also two more swimming pools, one of them with a canopy included that gets heated up in the winter. And if it’s not enough, we take care of you, because Aloha Gardens’ apartments are equipped with a fitness room and a sauna. Beauty and Health together have never been easier to get as now.

Where can you find Aloha Gardens? (take a look at the map)

This bewitching paradise is in the heart of the Golf Valley, a well-known place that is famous for its Golf courses as La Quinta, Las Brisas and Los Naranjos Golf, just to mention some of them. As a plus, after driving only five minutes, you can get to Puerto Banus and its exciting beaches.


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