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Cleaning Services Marbella

When it comes to cleaning your house, it does not matter whether it is big or small. Dusting, polishing and scrubbing may not sound glamorous, and it involves a lot physical activities and tiredness.
Property owners should not be into this whole hassle, but a good spring clean can renovate your home and, our organization is always able to suit you with an exceptional cleaning service,particularly for those days you are not feeling in the mood to wipe or dust, need help, or perhaps, you want to impress your friends or just would love to have your home gleaming.
Our Domestic maids are well-trained and are self-confidence, once you decide to contract our maid services, she will add to your home a sparkling and delicate touch, she does a perfect job and, is always willing to follow instructions accurately in case of particular inquire.
We constantly train our staff in order to offer an outstanding service and improve their skills and performance levels. They are a very helpful and trustful personnel, as our hiring procedure implies an extensive evaluation before consider hiring, all their records are double check and they are exposed to answer their references. We understand how important is to ensure who is in your home, for your tranquillity and, own safety, our domestic maid staff are totally reliable persons and we highly recommend them.
Our basic maid services include: general cleaning, kitchen and bathrooms.

For general cleaning:
• Vacuum carpets and living area,
• Dusting and Clean,
• Water plants,
• Wipe down all doors,
• Empty and wipe out trash cans.

• Clean out fridge,
• Wash dishes,
• Wash kitchen table and counters,
• Scrub kitchen sink,
• Wipe all kitchen appliances.

• Wash bathrooms sinks and counters,
• Scrub toilets,
• Clean tubs and showers,
• Wash walls and floors

Our service fee is just 12€/per hour and, it is indeed priceless to avoid the whole hassle, the domestic maid will do it for you! and we only request a minimum of 4 hours. Her transportation is already included on the fee.
We are superbly located in Avenida Calderon de la Barca s/n Magna Marbella Golf, Local 92 E, Nueva Andalucia 29660, Malaga, España. We have presence in Marbella,Benehavis, Estepona, Nueva Andalucia, Nagueles, Puerto Banus y San Pedro de Alcantara.
Please feel free to contact us for further information, or visit our main office upon request, we will be pleased to assist you.