In Banus Real Estate, we offer a full service where we assess our clients
throughout the entire process of buying their property.

If you wish to buy a property in Puerto Banus, Marbella or any other area near
of Costa del Sol, please contact our real estate agents, and we will found you the best opportunity.


In our wide range of services we offer to our distinguished clients the assessment to ease the paperwork about Mortgages. Our organization will help you to consign all the requirements that you need to achieve the financing of Mortgages.

Just think about how many advantages you can get through a mortgage loan to overcome your expectations. When you use a loan, you get an assortment of advantages as:

➢ You can acquire a home in a short time.
➢ Instead paying a rent, you will have the opportunity to pay your own house.
➢ Moreover, you will have the chance to pay with many facilities and in different fees.
➢ Besides, the insurance will protect your investment and your money.

Our Resident Mortgages are dedicated for our clients who are residing legally in Spain and declare their taxes appropriately. This kind of service is really profitable for those people who want a new house or residence in a short time.

The services for Resident Mortgages can receive a (100 %) of financing of the whole price. This becomes in a great chance to make your dream come true, having a house for you and your family. Remember that our loved people are the most important thing in our lives.

Banus Real Estate offers you a unique opportunity to help you, to strengthen your capabilities and to foster your potential. That potential that only the experts can notice.

In other hand, Non-resident mortgages are a type of mortgage loan granted by our financial institutions to foreign people or Spanish whose residence is outside, so they can get to a second home in our country.

The financing of our Non Residents mortgages can reach the (90%) of the price according to the customer. There are some necessary requirements to get our services:

• Copy of the passport.
• Last affidavit and final declaration of assets.
• Last 3 payslips (paychecks), pension or invoices for professional services for the last 3 months.
• Justification of other incomes (rents, fees, dividends, etc.)
• Bank statement from their accounts of two months ago; where the payment of their declared income is reflected and with the account ownership.
• Experian or Equifax of your country of origin. Credit history. (Document which records the current debts on loans, mortgages, etc. in their country of residence).
• In the case where a debt still remain in his country, you will need the last 3 of their periodic payments receipts indicating carryforwards, if it is needed (mortgages, personal loans, credit cards and financial compensation and alimony, rental payments balances , other debts, etc.)

All these requirements will give you the chance to reach all those goals that people wish. To have a house is something essential nowadays. This is the opportunity to select the best option. A secondary or a third house it is also a nice option.
A house for holidays it is not a bad idea. On the contrary, your family would be happy to enjoy the beautiful wonders of Spain.
Choose Quality, Choose Banus Real Estate. We are your best option!