In Banus Real Estate, we offer a full service where we assess our clients
throughout the entire process of buying their property.

If you wish to buy a property in Puerto Banus, Marbella or any other area near
of Costa del Sol, please contact our real estate agents, and we will found you the best opportunity.


When we refer to an outstanding place in the world to buy a property, we immediately think about the south coast of Spain, Marbella. Known as one of the best and luxurious places for living.

Making the most of this spectacular place, Banus Real Estate is a prominent and high ranking organization specialized in selling and trading of properties, specifically houses, apartments, townhouses, plots etc.

Negotiating in this area, which is full of competence, is all a challenge for a common seller. As experts in this area, we have made a well-known name in Marbella, Nueva Andalucía as one of the best organizations in this art of exposing, selling and processing all paperwork related.

We work along all the south coast of Spain. This location offers to the clients a luxurious place for living gifted by many facilities. Beaches, restaurants, golf courses Etc.

Despite all this opulent facilities, to sell a house in this place is not as easy as it seems. It is important to resort to the experts in selling and requires of professional skills. We are the proficient people that you need for selling your property in this area. Our specialized group of sellers will help you with the trading of your property.

Our Real Estate also works with repossessed houses giving great chances to acquire beautiful ones with the best prices. When you immediately agree to get our services of selling, you start to get many facilities and the security of selling what you want. Of course, taken from the best hands, our hands!
Recognized as one of the best groups in property selling, we have the advantage to reach a huge amount of customers through assessors and sellers qualified with the best rank in this ambit.

In our website, your belonging will be shown with a great impact and we will help you to negotiate and to make easier all the difficulties that you could have in this area by yourself. And the best of all, FREE!

We are the best channel you can select for your trading, we will just obtain the 5 (%) percentage of the total sale price for all these advantages before stated. We help our customers to reach what they wish and doing it with the best caliber, creativity and ideas.

Our purpose is to get able people to buy the properties that we expose in our wide website showing the best of them and making them know that our properties and services are the most distinguished in Marbella.

We work with all kind of selling issues: houses, apartments, repossessed houses, plots etc. Our complete list of services make us a ‘top’ real estate among others in these moments in Spain.
With real experience we are a qualified company in selling services. We are expanded in all the south coast of Spain offering the best options for those clients who want a primary, secondary or third option property to enjoy the pleasures and facilities of good life.

There is no better option than us.

Highly competent.